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    • 4V HPC1550-1S4P Solar power solution for Bridge Monitoring System

      2021-11-08 24

      The charging efficiency of the solar module power supply has advantages compared with other energy storage batteries in the wide temperature cycle life self-discharge rate, extending the service life and increasing the voltage power. 4 pcs HPC1550 hybrid pulse capacitors have a capacity of 1800~~2000mAh.

      Long Sing IOT Battery in smart water meter industry

      2021-09-15 27

      The lithium thionyl chloride battery is connected in parallel with the HPC, and the lithium thionyl chloride battery charges the HPC with a small current through the voltage difference with the HPC. When powering externally, HPC bears most of the current output. Before the next pulse arrives, the lithium thionyl chloride battery rushes HPC to a suitable voltage, and the cycle works like this. Due to the voltage characteristics of the lithium thionyl chloride battery at no load, even after 80% of the capacity of the lithium thionyl chloride battery is consumed, its no-load voltage can still be maintained at 3.65V (consistent with the new battery), that is, HPC will be charged to 3.65V, consistent with the new battery pack. The discharge capacity of HPC remains basically unchanged, and the cycle reciprocates until the capacity of the lithium thionyl chloride cell is exhausted, ensuring that the service life and discharge capacity of the battery pack are consistent with the estimate. Greatly improve the effective capacity of the battery. ——It can effectively solve the problem of lithium thionyl chloride battery voltage delay and large current pulse discharge problems.

      IoT connected smart logistics battery solution

      2021-09-02 21

      Battery passivation is inevitable, but its impact can be minimized to meet the requirements of use. In order to eliminate the hysteresis effect of the lithium thionyl chloride battery, obtain the high current pulse capability and enhance the low temperature discharge capability, the battery capacitor combination of ER+HPC from LONG SING are specially designed for many IoT applications.

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